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New Client Information

All new customers must call to schedule a canine interview prior to booking daycare.

Daycare Requirements

All new canine clients are screened to make sure they meet requirements for safe group play.  We strive to have a safe and friendly daycare for our canine clients and staff.


Rabies and Bordetella are required for your dog to visit us.

All vaccinations must be current at the time of their first daycare. We require hard copies from your vet before your first visit and ongoing updates when they are re-vaccinated.


For your convenience, vaccination documents can be emailed to by you or your vet. 

We will not accept dogs without current vaccination records.


We take dogs 12 weeks and older.

Spay & Neuter

To ensure the safety of all of our canine clients, females must be spayed, and males must be neutered by 1 year of age.

We realize that many vets are suggesting waiting to spay or neuter your larger size dog and that's fine, we totally understand! ​ Consult us on our requirements and we can discuss this with your more.

Temperment Screening

Before being allowed to attend daycare we have all new clients bring their dog in for an in person interview.  We will go over all your paperwork and shot records at this time to ensure they have the appropriate group play temperament and are people and dog friendly.


The first day of daycare is the second part of their interview process.  We will do a slow introduction to other dogs so we can see how they interact with dogs of different play styles.  After we have completed all parts of the interview processes your pup will be allowed to attend daycare.

All dogs must be people and dog friendly and be able to play in a group setting.

Daycare Reservations

We do require reservations for daycare.  Please call us or leave us a message to schedule your dog

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